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Verisure Alarm system from Securitas Direct

Triple protection for your home or business

Exclusively, Iberia Insurance Brokers now offers its customers a 50% discount on Securitas Direct alarm systems.
You will also receive a sentinel. This newly developed device monitors the parameters such as room temperature, humidity or air quality and automatically sends an emergency call to the control center in the event of a critical situation.
You will also benefit from the service being in your native language (German, Spanish, English and Swedish).

Securitas Direct not only guarantees you the most innovative products in the security industry. You also receive an all-round protection with a security flat rate.
In this way, you receive the best possible protection without hidden costs.
The security flat rate includes a maintenance service by trained technicians, sabotage protection in the event of damage to the telephone and power lines, a 24-hour emergency and service control center, as well as cooperation with the police, fire brigade and rescue services. Use this service and request - today - a free and non-binding appointment for your personal security plan.
Find out now how Securitas Direct can best protect your home!

Securitas Direct: The most frequently recommended alarm system for private households - with more than 30 years of experience in the field of security across Spain.

Verisure alarm services - at a glance

Reaction within 29 seconds
Our agents in the emergency call and service control center respond to an alarm message within 29 seconds.

Alarming police and security services
As soon as an emergency or burglary has been verified by our agents, we immediately dispatch our security personnel and notify the police, fire brigade or rescue service.
Perfect protection against squatters.

Technical Support 24/7
Our technical support is available around the clock. From battery replacement to product replacement to the dispatch of a trained technician, everything is included.

SOS function for emergencies
The night switch enables you to immediately request help in any emergency situation and to contact our alarm receiving center. You are not on your own!

No matter where – you have full control at any time
With the Verisure App you control and monitor your alarm system comfortably from your smartphone / tablet - no matter where you are in the world.

Lifetime warranty and maintenance
All products in our safety system have a lifetime warranty and you benefit from perfect maintenance (100% included) by our trained technicians.

Privacy Policy
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